Reports and Arrests

On Monday April 17, 2017 at 9:50 hours, Officer was dispatched to Brim's Snack Foods in regard to a theft. Officer spoke with the complainant, who told Officer that he has video of someone taking a large amount of paint off their property without permission. The complainant showed Officer a video that was recorded on Thursday, April 14, 2017 at approximately 11:11 hours. The video showed a gray/tan Chevrolet pickup truck driving onto the parking lot. The truck was observed on the video with an empty cargo bed and then leaving the parking lot at 11:17 with the cargo bed full of 5 gallon paint containers. On close inspection of the video the complainant counted thirteen (5) gallon paint containers valued at $100 per container and four (1) gallon paint containers valued at $30 per container. Total value of paint taken was $1420. The complainant advised that the paint was custom Sherwin-Williams A100 Flat paint with the colors of Hopsack, Coconut Husk, and Kilim Beige.

On 04/17/2017 at 1602 hours, officer was dispatched to Star Ridge Drive in regard to Identity Theft. On arrival, officer spoke to the complainant/victim, who stated he received a letter in the mail from PayPal Credit stating someone had taken money out in his name without his permission. According to the complainant, PayPal Credit stated they caught the fraudulent transactions and sent the letter to notify the victim. PayPal Credit stated to victim the suspect(s) took out $300-$400 between March and April from an unknown location using the victim's personal information. Victim stated he has not taken any loans/used his information or given PayPal his information in the last 5 years. Victim stated the letter from PayPal Credit was legitimate and did speak to an actual representative from the PayPal Company.

On 04/17/2017 at 1818 hours, officer was dispatched to Police Headquarters in regard to a fraud. On arrival, officer spoke to the complainant, a resident of Bartlett, who stated she was scammed online. Complainant stated she was browsing the internet on 03/01/2017 and found a "work from home" business named "TN Company". She stated the company told her they'd pay her $2,792 to ship packages for them to various addresses for an entire month. Victim stated she received 4 packages, (an iPad, a GoPro Camera, an Apple Watch, and a gaming laptop) between the days of March 5th-15th and shipped them to various addresses. She was told by the company who was contacting her via e-mail, to open the packages, take pictures of the contents and then re-seal the boxes and ship them to the address(s) she was given. Victim stated on 03/16/2017 she emailed the company in regard to not being paid, and the same day she received an ASUS Laptop valued at $3,600 in the mail. Victim stated she told the company she would not ship the laptop until she was paid, and told them she would contact police. Victim stated she has not heard from any representative from the company since 04/16/2017 and wanted to file a police report in regard to being possibly scammed. Officer ran the serial number/model number of the laptop which did not come back stolen. Victim stated she would wait a month to see if she receives payment, if not she will dispose of the laptop. Victim stated "TN Company" does not exist and has been listed under "scam companies" on the internet. Victim stated also the packages come in via UPS/FedEx and do not have return shipping labels. All of the shipped to labels are addressed to PO Boxes located in various locations around the United States.

On 04/18/2017 at 06:00 hours, Officer responded to a Burglary/Residential at on Sungate Dr. Officer's arrived on the scene and spoke with the complainant/victim. The complainant/victim stated she left her house on 4-17-2017, between 19:00 and 20:00 hours. The complainant/vicitm further stated she returned home around 05:45 hours on 4-18-2017, and discovered the rear door was forced open. The complainant/victim stated she immediately exited her house and called police. Officer's arrived and cleared the house. The complainant/victim discovered property valuing a total of approximately $22,580 missing from her home.

On 4-18-17 at approximately 12:42 hoursm, Officer was dispatched to Bartlett Police Headquaters in regard to a theft. On arrival Officer spoke with the victim/complainant, who advised that approximately 8 months ago he gave his Fossil watch to a coworker/suspect, at Wolfchase Honda so that he could polish and clean the watch for him. The victim stated that for the past 8 months he has been trying to get his watch back but the suspect keeps giving him excuses for not returning the watch. The victim advised that the suspect no longer works at Wolfchase Honda and that the suspects cell phone number is now no longer in service.

On Tuesday, 04/18/2017 at approximately 17:15 hours, Officers responded to a Burglary/Residential on Berlinwoods Cove. Upon arrival, Officers made contact with the victim on the driveway. The victim advised that on this date at 0815 hours, she left her residence for work and returned home at 1710 hours. Upon returning home, she noticed that the garage exterior door was open higher than usual and a plank of wood was lying on the ground, which is always clear from any debris. The victim stated that she leaves the garage exterior door open about two feet, just enough for her dog to roam around. The victim stated that she approached her side interior door in the garage and noticed that the deadbolt was tampered with, at that time she contacted the Bartlett Police Department. Officers observed the tampered door. It appeared that the unknown suspect either drilled the deadbolt or struck it multiple times with a sharp object using something similar to a hammer. This made the deadbolt inoperable. The door also appeared to be pried open with a flat object similar to a crowbar. Officers entered the home and secured the residence. While doing so, Officers noticed that multiple rooms were ransacked with numerous belongings on the floor as if someone was looking for something. The victim stated that there were several items missing from the house, totaling approximately $22,180.  Officer also observed numerous items that were broken and glass pieces throughout the residence along with the damaged door, which was estimated to be approximately $1000. 

On 04/18/2017 at 15:45 hours, Officer responded to a Burglary/Residential on Guillory St. On arrival, contact was made with the victim, who stated that several items had been stolen from her residence. The victim advised that in April 2016, she fell while at her home and broke her neck. She was in the hospital and rehab until approximately five weeks ago. During that time frame, her daughter took care of her residence. The victim advised that she was very ill and the family was unsure if she would ever return to her own residence. Therefore, her daughter packed several of her belongings and stored them in the storage building in the rear of her property. Approximately five weeks ago the victim returned home and began unpacking her belongings. It took her several weeks to unpack. In doing so she realized that several items were missing.

On 04/19/2017 at 15:45 hours, Officer reported a 'Suspicious Circumstances' memo on North Lake Oaks Dr. the victim stated she was notified by her mother that an unknown person was looking for her. The victim was sent a voice mail by text message from her mother. The victim stated her mother was left the message after receiving a missed call. The message stated that someone would be by her residence between 16:00 and 17:00 hours on today's date to serve her with a letter of intent. The voice mail is muffled when it states who is serving the letter. The unknown suspect in the voice mail left the number 618-224-0003 for victim to call if she had any questions. Officer had dispatch call the number; a female did answer the phone and immediately hung up.

On Wednesday, 04/19/2017 at approximately 1525 hours, Officer responded to a Theft of Mail on Brunswick Farms Drive. Upon arrival, Officer made contact with complainant/ victim. The complainant stated that he runs a business on EBay and on 3/18/2017 at 1300 hours; he placed four items in his mail box for delivery, which each item was package individually. The complainant stated that 3/18/2017 was a Saturday and that USPS did not pick up the packages. On Sunday 3/19/2017 at 1200 hours, the complainant double checked if the items were still in the mail box, which they were. The victim left the items in the mail box for pickup on Monday 3/20/2017. The victim advised that on 3/20/2017 around 1500 hours, he noticed that USPS picked up his packages, because nothing was in the mail box but his regular mail. On 4/10/2017 at 1200 hours, the complainant looked on his EBay account and noticed that one item was delivered and the other three items were not delivered and missing. The victim contacted the Post Office in Arlington and spoke with Post Master General on 4/10/2017, who advised that one package was picked up on 3/20/2017 and no other items were picked up, but that one and it was entered into their system. The victim believes that the three packaged items were possibly stolen from his mail box between 3/19/2017 and 3/20/2017.

                On 4-20-17 at approximately 1042 hours, Officer was dispatched to Bartlett Corporate Dr. (Brims Snack Food) in regard to an auto burglary. On arrival, Officer spoke with the victim/complainant,, who advised that she is employed at Brims Snack Foods. The complainant stated that as she was walking to her car, which was parked in the Brims Snack Food lot, she noticed a large Hispanic male in an orange shirt inside her 2008 red Chevy Impala. The complainant advised that the male Hispanic opened the unlocked driver door and was going through her vehicle. The complainant then stated that when he noticed the male Hispanic standing there holding $11, which he stole from her car. The complainant then advised that the male Hispanic said he was sorry and handed the $11 back to the complainant. The complainant then stated that she went back into her work and told her boss. The complainant advised that as she was telling her boss about the incident, the male Hispanic walked into the business telling her he was just in her car because he was looking for jumper cables. The complainant stated that her boss separated her and the male Hispanic and then contacted B.P.D. Officer then spoke with the male Hispanic/suspect, who advised that he was parked next to the complainant’s vehicle and when he went to leave Brims Snack Foods, where he works, his car wouldn't crank. The suspect then admitted to being inside of the complainant’s vehicle because he said he was looking for jumper cables. After placing the suspect into custody officers used the suspect’s keys to see if his vehicle would start. Officers observed the vehicle to have no issues and immediately started after turning the key.

Reporting Officer, on 04-20-2017 at 1330 made contact with the complainant Police Headquarters regarding a theft. Complainant advised he paid $101 for the year 2018 sticker for TN tag S95-30E in February 2018 for his 2003 Ford Expedition and on 04-18-2017 at approximately 20:00 hours, he noticed the sticker was missing. Complainant believes the sticker was stolen from the driveway of his residence at on Terry Franklin between those dates.

On 04/20/2017 at 16:00 hours, Reporting Officer responded to a Theft from Motor Vehicle on Brunswick Rd (Laskeside). On scene, Officer spoke with the complainant/victim who stated when she got off work at approximately 1530 hours she noticed the passenger side window was broken out of her van. The victim stated she had several dollar bills and some loose change in the center console of her van that was stolen. Officer observed the side passenger window to be broken out and a tip of a screw driver that was broken off in the front passenger window frame. The victim stated the total amount of dollar bills and loose change was $30.00 and the cost of the window was $250.

On Saturday April 22, 2017 at approximately 1800 hours officer was dispatched to Bartlett Blvd, Malco Theater in regard to a theft from a motor vehicle. Upon arrival, officer made contact with complaint/ victim. The victim stated that when he returned to his vehicle after a movie, he noticed that it had been broken into and multiple items had been taken. The victim stated that he arrived to the movie theater at approximately 1550 hours and he returned to his vehicle at approximately 1800 hours. The items taken from the victim's vehicle are a Smith and Wesson Sigma .40 caliber pistol, a radio/DVD player, a Ridgid Impact wrench with a 18V battery attached, a Ridgid Drill with a 18V battery attached, and a Ridgid 18V battery charger. The total amount taken from the vehicle was approximatley $1,600.

On 04/22/2017 at 2027 hours, Officer was dispatched to a Robbery of a Business at 6025 Stage Road (Family Christian Store). On arrival, officer spoke to the victim, who stated a male white in his mid 50s wearing a tan hat, grey t-shirt with green lettering, blue jeans, and a brown belt robbed her at gun point. She described him as approximately 5'10 and 200 pounds. Juvenile victim stated she was standing behind the counter when the male white approached the counter and pulled out a black revolver using his left hand and stated, "I don't want any trouble, give me all your cash." The victim stated that she was handing the suspect the cash when a second victim, who was standing near the entrance to the store, stated to the juvenile cashier, "give him what he wanted". The victim stated that the suspect then said, "I'm in a really hard place and need the money. And I don't want any trouble." She stated the suspect then continued to put the cash in his pocket while simultaneously pointing the weapon at the cashier. The victim stated that the suspect finished taking all the cash out of the register and left out of the store on foot. Total cash stolen was $806.

On Sunday April 23, 2017 at approximately 1501 hours officer was dispatched to Kirby Whiten Parkway, at Robinwood, in regard to a vandalism complainant. Upon arrival, officer made contact with the complainant/victim, who stated that her vehicle had been vandalized. The victim stated that she was leaving on her lunch break at approximately 1430 hours when she noticed that both of her front windows had been completely shattered and that there was damage to the front windshield. The victim last saw her undamaged vehicle at approximately 1350 hours. The damage amount to the vehicle is approximately $1,000.

On 04/03/2017 at 18:35 hours, Officer responded to a Theft of Vehicle Parts/Accessories on Memphis Arlington Rd. On arrival, contact was made with the victim who stated that the license plate was stolen from his vehicle. The victim stated that the plate was on his vehicle the morning of 04/03/2017 and he noticed it missing the same afternoon at approximately 1800 hours. He only drove to the area of Stage and Kirby Whitten and believes the tag was stolen from his driveway.

           On 4-4-17 at 09:36hrs Officer was dispatched to the jail lobby for a theft complaint. Upon arrival, Officer spoke with the victim/complainant. The victim stated that he had placed 2 Spy Point Force 10 game trail cameras in the wooded area behind a house at Claire Douwie Cove. He stated that on 3-30-17 at approximately 1115hrs, he went to the wooded area to check the camera footage for animal activity and found that one of the cameras was missing.

On 04/04/2017 at approximately 1904 hours the Reporting Officer was dispatched to Stonehill Dr. on a theft complaint. On arrival, the Officer spoke with the victim/complainant, who said that his black Smith & Wesson M&P Shield .40 caliber was stolen from his residence. He said that he left the pistol in the living room and then had a friend over for the night on 4/3/2017. He said his friend arrived at his home at approx. 1930 hours on 4/3/17 and then left on 4/4/17 at approx. 0630 hours, at which time the victim said he discovered his pistol was missing.

On 04/05/2017 at 17:00 hours, Officer responded to an Intimidation at Jenny Lane. The complainant/victim stated he hired the suspect in February for a construction job. The victim stated the suspect did not complete the work and the suspect was terminated shortly after being hired. The suspect was paid a portion out of the total amount for the work he did complete. The victim stated the suspect made several threats regarding the rest of the money owed to him and a police report was filed with Tipton County Sheriff's. The suspect later called the victim demanding the rest of the money owed for the work. When told he was not getting paid for work he did not do, the suspect advised the victim he was getting his money next time he sees him. The victim stated due to he and suspect’s history he felt threatened and wished to document the incident.

On 04/05/2016 at approximately 23:10 hours, Officer was dispatched to Farmland way on a theft call. Upon arrival, Officer spoke with the victim who advised she heard noises in her backyard and when she turned the lights on to go outside, she notice a small metal plant stand missing.

On 04/06/2017 at 18:23 hours, Officer was dispatched to the Bartlett Heights Drive in regard to a burglary. On arrival, officer spoke to complainant/victim who stated his home was burglarized between the hours of 07:30 and 14:00 on 04/06/2017. Victim stated several gaming items and electronics were stolen. Complainant stated before officer's arrival, victim's neighbor stated to him approximately 13:00 hours on the day of the burglary he witnessed a silver 4 door vehicle drive up to the residence of the burglary. Neighbor stated a male white approximately 6 feet, with a tattoo on his left shoulder exited the vehicle and went into the residence. The male white was wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans and had "buzz cut" hairstyle. The neighbor stated to the victim he didn't recognize the subject, but "didn't think anything of it." He stated he witnessed the man enter and exit the house at least 2 times. Victim also stated before police arrived he received a text message on his phone from an unknown number stating Bartlett Police had a "BOLO" for a silver infinity and it was a possible suspect in a crime.

On 04/06/2017 at approximately 19:40 hours the Reporting Officer was dispatched to The Lowe’s parking lot on Highway 64 regarding an Auto Burglary complaint. On arrival, the Officer spoke with the victim/complainant who said that her white 2001 Ford F-150 was burglarized earlier on the above date while her vehicle was parked in the Lowe's parking lot. She was in her vehicle at approx. 15:30 hours for her break, when she used her purse to get something out of it. When she was done, she said she put her purse on the backseat of the vehicle and covered it up with a piece of clothing and then went back into work. When she returned to her vehicle at approx. 1910 hours, she discovered that her purse was missing and had been stolen.

Reporting Officer on 04-07-2017 at 11:15 made contact with the complainant regarding a theft. The complainant advised that on 02-22-2017, she wrote a First Tennessee check for her mortgage and placed it in her mailbox but it never arrived at the bank. Then complainant believes it was stolen from her mailbox at that time.

On 4/7/2017 at approximately 18:55, Officers responded to a vandalism complaint on Stage Rd. Upon arrival Officers made contact with the complainant, and two witnesses. Both witnesses advised that at approximately 18:53 they observed a group of what appeared to be juvenile males walking south through the parking lot of their business, they were “being rowdy running/play fighting”. One of the individuals described as wearing a tan / beige shirt jacket jumped on the hood of the employee’s 1994 Mazda Protégé causing a large dent in the hood. The boys then proceeded east out of sight. Officers were able to make contact with a group of individuals matching the description provided by the witnesses. The juvenile that jumped on the hood of the vehicle was positively identified by both witnesses. The juvenile was issued a Juvenile summons and released to his mother.

On 04/08/2017 at approximately 11:30 hours Officer was dispatched to Stage Rd at the “A OK Car Wash” in regard to a vandalism complaint. On arrival, Officer made contact with the complainant, who stated that during the overnight hours, an unknown person(s) damaged one of the bays to the car wash by breaking the swivel metal bracket and high pressure hose line by unknown means. The complainant further stated that it appears as if somebody tied or hung the hose on a vehicle and drove off with it.

On Sunday 04/09/2017 at approximately 21:00 hours, Officer responded to a vandalism complaint at Abigail Bluffs. Officer arrived and made contact with the complainant, who stated that his Comcast Ford work truck had been vandalized sometime between 4-8-17 at 19:00 hours and 4-9-17 at 19:00 hours by an unknown suspect. The complainant advised that his truck was parked on the street in front of his house. The driver side rain guard was broken, and the passenger side rain guard was completely missing. The complainant also advised that there were multiple cracks on the front windshield, which were not there when he parked the truck.