Reports and Arrests

On 11/27/2017 at 05:45 hours, Officer responded to a Theft from Motor Vehicle at Elmore Rd. Upon arrival officers spoke with the victim who advised he observed a male wearing dark jacket and pants enter the passenger side of his pickup truck that parked on the side of the street. The suspect then proceeded toward his vehicle that was parked in the driveway of the residence. The victim stated that is when he turned the porch lights on and off causing the suspect to run away and get in the rear passenger side of a white 2000 model Nissan Xterra with black rims and speed away. The victim advised the suspect(s) rifled through the glove compartment of his vehicles but nothing was taken.

On 11/27/2017 at 05:45 hours, Officer responded to a Theft from Motor Vehicle at Flowering Tree Rd., while on the scene of a Theft from Motor Vehicle at the Elmore Rd. The victim came outside due to the large police presence and checked his vehicle which was parked on the street. The victim advised his vehicle was unlocked and an unknown suspect(s) entered his vehicle and rifled through the glove compartment but did not notice anything of value missing at the time of this report.

On 11-27-2017 at 0710 hours Officer was dispatched to Bartlett Grove Rd. on an auto burglary report called in by victim that reported she discovered her navy blue shoulder bag containing personal documents missing from her unlocked Honda CRV which she had parked in the driveway. The contents of the bag were found lying in the roadway by a neighbor and were returned to the victim. There was no sign of forced entry to the vehicle.

On 11-27-2017 at 0813 hours Officer was dispatched to Magnolia Woods on the theft of a wallet. The victim/complainant reported that she left her gray alligator style billfold laying on the front seat of her unlocked vehicle parked in the driveway. The billfold contained several personal items. There was no sign of forced entry to the vehicle.

On 11-27-17 at approx. 0840 hours Officer was dispatched to Charles Bryan in regard to a theft. Upon arrival Officer spoke with the complainant/general contractor who advised that sometime between 1600 hrs. on 11-22-17 and 0830 hours on the above date an unknown suspect(s) stole multiple items from the job site. The complainant stated that the unknown suspect(s) jumped a chain link fence to gain access to the office trailer which was located toward the back of the property. The suspect(s) threw a brick through the trailer door window to gain entry and steal the items.

On 11/27/2017 at approx 1730 hours, Officer responded to Elmore on an auto burglary complaint. The victim advised sometime between the hours of 1900 on 11/26/2017 and 0700 on 11/27/2017 an unknown suspect(s) unlawfully entered his unlocked van and stole an orange key chain with 7 keys on it. The victim noticed that his vehicle had been unlawfully entered when he was leaving for work on the morning of this date and noticed the glove box opened with its remnants scattered in the passenger side floor board. The van was parked on the street curb.

On 11/27/2017 at approx 1830 hours, Officer responded to Lowe's, located at 8300 Hwy 64, on an auto burglary complaint. The victim advised an unknown suspect unlawfully entered his vehicle by popping the driver's side door lock and stole a black bag that contained miscellaneous over the counter medicine.

On 11/27/17 at approximately 1900 hours, Officer responded to Wishing Star Cv in regard to an auto burglary complaint. On arrival officer spoke with the complainant who stated that she had a purse stolen out of her vehicle at approximately 0800 hours on this date. The complainant stated that she was parked at Elmore Park Rd. (Klassy Kids Daycare) and ran her child in to drop him off for the day. The complainant stated she was inside for approximately 10 minutes and when she came back out she noticed her purse was missing from inside the vehicle. She believes her vehicle was left unlocked during the time she was inside.

On 11-28-2017 at 1320 hours Officer was dispatched to Hunters Glade Ln. on a theft of mail report. The complainant/victim reported that at 0830 hours she placed a check from her Bank account in the mail and when checking the mail at 1030 hours it was gone. She spoke with the postman who advised her he did not take it and that he hasn't been to her residence yet on this day.

On 11-29-17 at approx. 1424 hours, Officer was dispatched to Heatherhill in regard to a burglary. Upon arrival, Officer spoke with victim/complainant who advised that sometime between 0815 hours and 1415 hours on today’s date unknown suspect(s) broke into her residence and stole a sterling silver diamond ring and 2 pairs of silver hoop earrings. The complaisant also stated that the unknown suspect broke into her locked carport storage area and stole a several power tools. After searching the residence Officer did observe a window to the rear of residence broken to gain entry into the residence.

On 11/30/2017 at 15:50 hours, Officer responded to a Vandalism at Wetherburns Cir. Officer spoke with complainant/victim, who advised that on this date, at approximately 15:30 hours, she observed a juvenile suspect damage her vehicle. The victim stated that she witnessed the suspect punch her car with his fist multiple times. This action caused several dents to the body panel near the front of her vehcile, resulting in approximately $500 in damage. Officer observed the vehicle, and noted the dents in question, and that they appeared consistent with her statements. The victim stated that she came outside and confronted the juvenile, and that he ran northbound through the complex, back to his residence. Officer made contact at the residence in question and spoke with the suspect. Officer performed a "Show-up" with the victim, and she positively identified the suspect as the individual responsible for the damage to her car. The juvenile was arrested and charged with vandalism.

On 11/30/17 at approx. 1735hrs, Officer responded to a theft complaint at 3730 Appling Rd. Upon arrival Officer spoke with the complainant, who advised that her son's headphones were stolen on 11/28/17 at the Bartlett Rec Center. Complainant advised that two unknown suspects approached her son while he was in the gym at the Rec Center at approx. 1730hrs, and that one of the two unknown suspects asked to handle the victim's headphones and then placed them into his pocket. He then advised the victim that he did not have the headphones and then walked away. Complainant advised that the Rec center Staff was able to locate the suspects by reviewing video. Complainant advised that the Rec Center staff was able to recover the lost property on 11/29 and returned it to her.

On 12/01/2017 at 16:28 hours, Officer responded to a Theft from Building at Popeye's, 6085 Stage Rd. Officer spoke with complainant/victim who advised that on 11/30/2017, her wallet was stolen while she was at the above location. The victim stated that she is unsure of exactly what time she was at the restaurant, but believes it was between the hours of 18:00 to 19:00. The victim advised that she accidentally left her wallet at the table she was seated at, and that when she returned for it, it had been taken. The victim stated that she asked restaurant employees if anyone had turned in a wallet, and was informed that no one had.

On Friday 12/01/17 at approximately 1640 hours, Officer was dispatched to Memphis Arlington (Murphy’s Gas) regarding a theft. On arrival, Officer spoke with the complainant, who said that at 1630 hours a male and female pulled up to pump one in a gray Nissan Altima and began pumping fuel. The suspects then got into the vehicle and left the scene without paying.

On 12/01/2017 at approximately 1748 hours the Reporting Officer was dispatched to 6025 Stage Rd Suite #52 (Best Way Rent-to-Own/Victim/Business) on a theft complaint. On arrival the Officer spoke with the complainant/manager who said earlier in the day the store had a Microsoft Xbox One gaming console stolen from the display floor. She said that around 1300-1400 hours on the above date, 6 subjects entered the store and began wandering around the business. She said that one of them filled out an application to rent some items. While doing so, she kept trying to distract her and deflect her attention away from the showroom floor. She said that the other subjects were moving around a tv stand that contained a white Microsoft Xbox One gaming console. After a few minutes all the subjects left the store at which time she discovered that the gaming system was missing from the display showroom floor.

On 12/02/17 at approx. 0745 hours, Officer was dispatched to Pinnacle Point regarding theft from a house. Upon arrival, officer was met by the victim/complainant who advised on 11/30/17, between 1630 hours and 1700 hours, a Fit Bit wristband purchased from Amazon was delivered to the Victims mailbox. The black in color wristband was stolen from mailbox before the victim could retrieve the item. Amazon has already reimbursed her for the purchase.

On 12/02/17 Officer responded to an auto burglary at Lowe's (8300 Hwy 64). Officer spoke to the victim/complainant who stated he was at Lowe's on 12/01/17. At approx. 1715, he heard the alarm go off on his vehicle and thought he hit the alarm button by accident. He went out to his truck this morning, and realized the driver lock was punched, and suspect(s) unknown gained entry into his truck. His .40 caliber pistol was taken from the center console. His computer bag containing a computer was missing, along with a suitcase containing assorted clothing.

On December 2, 2017 at approximately 1600 hours, Officer was dispatched to Blue Lagoon Dr., on an auto burglary complaint. On scene, the complainant/victim said that he arrived home at approximately 1800 hours, on 12/1/2017 and parked his vehicle in the driveway. When he came back out at approximately 1000 hours on the date of this report, he noticed his garage door opener was missing from the driver's side sun visor. There was nothing else of value taken from the vehicle. Officer observed no signs of forced entry on the vehicle.

On Sunday, 12/3/2017, at approximately 0709 hours, Officer responded to Stage Rd on a burglary complainant. Officers spoke with complainant who stated that an unknown suspect(s) busted out one of the glass front doors to the above location. The location is now vacant. Officer did observe a half a brick lying on the interior floor. Officers entered into the location and observed several drinks in the coolers and a Tennessee Lottery machine and computer monitor on the counter top. Officers determined that the suspect(s) did not gain entry into the location.

On 12/03/2017 at 10:41 hours, Officer responded to a Theft from Motor Vehicle at Germantown Road (Hampton Inn Parking Lot). Contact was made with the victim/complainant who advised that between the hours of approximately 0920-1030 on today’s date, while parked in the parking lot of the Hampton Inn and eating at the Waffle House an unknown person entered her unlocked rental car and stole her carryon luggage with contents to include her Laptop computer.