Reports and Arrests

On 08/21/17@ Approx. 1039, Officer responded to headquarters, in regard to a theft. I spoke to the victim/complainant who stated sometime in the last three weeks; suspect(s) unknown entered her closet located in the master bath, and stole a Louis Vuitton duffel bag, that contained several items including watches and jewelry. The victim stated she had several family members in and out of her home recently, due to a death in the family.

On 08/21/2017 at 15:30 hours, Officer responded to 8500 Hwy 64 (Sunrise GMC) in regard to an auto burglary. Upon arrival, Officer spoke with complainant (an employee of Sunrise GMC), who stated that he and other employees observed a black vehicle with tinted windows parked in front of his vehicle at approx. 1515 hours on this day. They also observed the passenger's side door to complainant's vehicle open and two unknown males inside the vehicle. Employees attempted to chase suspects, but they fled the scene.

On 08/21/2017 at 16:48 hours, Reporting Officer responded to a Theft from Yard at 7th Rd. On scene Officer spoke with the complainant/victim who advised someone stole her mailbox and the post it was on. The last time she saw her mailbox was on 8/20/17 at approximately 1500 hours and she noticed it was gone on 8/21/17 at approximately 1000 hours.

On 08/21/2017 at 16:55 hours, Officer responded to a Theft from Motor Vehicle at Ackerman CV. On arrival the Officer spoke with the complainant/victim who advised that his gold/silver engagement ring was stolen from his vehicle approximately a week ago.

On 08/21/2017 at 19:26 hours, Officer responded to a Theft complaint at the Kroger located on Kirby Whitten Rd. On arrival the Officer spoke with the complainant/victim who advised that an unknown suspect took her daughter's cell phone. The victim stated that her daughter left the phone in her shopping basket and someone took it out.

On 8-22-2017 at 1415 hours, Officer was dispatched to police headquarters on a theft report. The complainant/victim reported that she has items missing from her home after she invited clients into her home to perform hair services.

On 8/22/17 at approximately 1650 hours Officers were dispatched to Bartlett City Jail Lobby regarding an Auto Burglary complaint. On arrival, Officers spoke with complainant/ victim who advised that on 8/17/17 at approximately 1600 hours her daughter's backpack was stolen out of her car at 8097 Highway 70 (Walgreen's) after she went into the store. The juvenile stated that she may have forgotten to lock doors.

 On 08/22/2017 at 21:20 hours, Officer responded to a theft at Hideaway Ln. The victim stated that while she was at 6600 Stage Rd at Dollar General she placed her cell phone in the child seat of a basket. As she loaded up her groceries into her car, she forgot to retrieve her cell phone. She pulled off of the lot and when she returned for her phone approximately 5 minutes later, it was no longer where she left it.

On 08/22/2017 at 22:28 hours, Reporting Officer responded to a Theft from Motor Vehicle at Quailfield. On scene Officer spoke with the complainant/victim who advised someone broke into his truck and stole his handgun while he was at work. He advised his truck was parked on the street in front of his residence. When he got home from work he went to move it into the driveway and noticed the lock on the front driver side door had been punched out.

On 08/23/17 at approximately 1010 hours Reporting Officer responded to 3730 Appling Road, Bartlett Police Department, in reference to an auto burglary report. Upon arrival Officer spoke with the complainant/victim who advised that his vehicle was broken into sometime between 2100 hours on 8/21/17 and 0800 hours on 8/22/17. He inventoried his vehicle and found that 25 gift were taken from his vehicle's center console along with several other personal items.

On 8/23/2017 at 10:41AM Officer was called to Brunswick Rd in regard to a theft. Upon arrival Officer spoke with the victim/complainant who stated that he is the superintendent overseeing the renovation of a home located on Brunswick. The complainant stated that sometime over the last month an unknown person/persons entered into the home and removed tankless hot water heaters.

On 08/24/2017 at 13:44 hours, Officer responded to a Theft from a Motor Vehicle at 3060 N. Germantown Rd (Infiniti Dealership). Upon arrival the reporting Officer made contact with complainant/employee who stated that someone had taken a license plate sticker from a loaner vehicle. The complainant did a physical inspection of the vehicle with a customer on 08/22/2017 at approximately 14:30 hours before loaning out the vehicle and the customer pointed out that the sticker from the license plate was missing.

On 08/24/2017 at 18:05 hours, Officer responded to a Burglary/Residential at Avi Dr. The victim stated he left his home between 15:40 hours and 16:40 hours, leaving his kids at home. His kids then went to a neighbor's house while he was gone and left his attached garage door open. During that time, an unknown suspect entered into his garage and stole a backpack blower, a trimmer with a chrome edger attachment, a second trimmer with a black edger.

On Friday, August 25, 2017 at approximately 0624 hours Officer was dispatched to Patches Drive in regard to an attempted theft. Upon arrival, officer made contact with the complainant who stated that he was in his back yard when he heard loud noise and crash from his neighbor's driveway. When he stepped out front, he witnessed an older model white Chevy trail blazer with dark tinted windows enter his neighbor's driveway and attempt to steal the trailer. When he attempted to approach the vehicle, he stated that the vehicle sped out of the driveway causing the trailer to crash into the mailbox and become disconnected from the vehicle.

On 8-25-17 at approximately 1336hrs, Officer was dispatched to the area of 5995 Stage Road (Kroger) regarding a theft from motor vehicle in progress. Dispatch advised that a witness observed the defendant in the parking lot of 5995 Stage Road asking people for gas for his vehicle. The witness advised that after a short time he observed the defendant drive off the parking lot and then circle back around into the parking lot. The witness said that the defendant and 3 females with him walked into Kroger and exited a short time later. The witness said that he watched the 3 females get into a silver vehicle. He said that the defendant stayed outside of the vehicle and appeared to be looking around the parking lot. The witness said that he watched the defendant walk behind some vehicles parked on the lot and return carrying a blue golf bag. He said he watched the defendant put the bag of golf clubs in the backseat of the silver vehicle and exit the parking lot eastbound Stage Road. The witness followed the suspect's vehicle while informing BPD dispatcher the direction of the suspect’s vehicle. BPD dispatcher placed a BOLO (be on the lookout) for the suspect vehicle. An assisting officer observed the defendant operating the suspect vehicle eastbound Stage Road at Kirby Whitten at which point he initiated a traffic stop and made contact. Officer arrived on scene and located the golf bag in the backseat. The victim was located who advised his golf bag was missing. The defendant was taken into custody and transported to Bartlett jail.

On 08/25/2017 at 16:17 hours, Officer responded to a Theft from Motor Vehicle at 8470 Hwy 64. Upon arrival made contact with the victim who stated his vehicle was broken into and several things were stolen out of it. The vehicle had the front and rear passenger windows shattered. The several items were stolen from the vehicle.

On 08/25/2017 at 22:15 hours, Officer responded to a Theft from Building at Bartlett View Ln. Officer spoke with the complainant/victim who stated that sometime between 8/5/17 on today's date, her handgun was stolen from her master bedroom closet. She noticed the box the pistol was in was not where she put it. She went to move the box when she noticed it was empty. There are no signs of forced entry in the home or in the bedroom.

On 08-26-17 at approximately 0751 hours, Officer responded to a construction site on the west side 5590 Yale Road, Nesbit Park, in reference to a theft. Upon arrival, Officer spoke with the complainant/victim, who is an employee of the victim company. The complainant advised that he and his crew arrived on the job site at approximately 0715 hours and found that his Cooler was missing. Also missing was a metal gas can and a grinder which belonged to his employer.

On 8/26/17 at approximately 0848 hours, Officer responded to 6490 Memphis-Arlington, Fantastic Sam’s, in reference to a burglary. Upon arrival, Officers cleared the building, along the way, observing the lock on the rear door to be disassembled and placed inside the door, on the knob side on top of a black trash bag containing the previous day's trash, lying next to a small black screw driver. No damage to the door or lock was observed. The office had paperwork scattered about and all of the drawers on a file cabinet were open. There was also some power thrown about the building. The complainant advised that no money was in the register however two blue SunTrust bank deposit bags, containing $200 each, were missing from the drawer beneath the register.

On 08/26/2017 at 10:54 hours, Officer responded to a Vandalism of a vehicle at Russell Hurst Drive East. Upon arrival contact was made with the complainant/victim who advised that between 0100-0700 hours on this date, an unknown subject shattered the rear driver’s side window of her vehicle that was parked in the driveway of her residence.

On 8-27-17 at approximately 0743hrs Officer was dispatched to Magnolia Woods Drive regarding an auto burglary complaint. Upon arrival, Officer spoke with the complainant who said that she parked her brown vehicle in the driveway on 8-26-17 sometime in the evening and went inside. She said that she left her church bag in between the driver and passenger seat which contained her bible and miscellaneous church papers. When she returned to her van the next morning around 0730hrs, she noticed that the bag was laid out on the floor board and that all the contents were strewn about the floor. There were no signs of forced entry and that she leaves the car doors unlocked. She said that there did not appear to be any items.

On 8-27-17 at approximately 12:53, Officer was called to Elmore Park in regard to an attempted aggravated burglary. Upon arrival, Officer spoke to the Victim-Complainant who stated that sometime on 8-27-17, between 0900 and 1200, an unknown person(s) attempted to gain entry into the residence. The Suspect took a window screen off of a window in the rear of the residence but did not make entry. The Suspect also ripped a window screen in the front of the residence in an attempt to gain entry. The Suspect also removed the window screen from the window by the front door and attempted to make entry.

On 8-27-17 at approximately 1431, Officer was called to 8400 Highway 64 in regard to an attempted auto burglary. Upon arrival, Officer made contact with the Victim-Complainant who stated that an unknown person tried to enter his vehicle through the driver’s side door while parked at the south end of the parking lot in front of the grocery entrance of Walmart. All of the Victim's tools were still in the vehicle and it did not appear that entry was gained into the vehicle. The Suspect(s) attempted to punch the driver’s side door lock causing damage to the door lock, door handle and denting the door itself.