Reports and Arrests

On 07/02/2018, at approximately 0730 hours, Officer was dispatched to Stone Hill in regard to an auto burglary. Upon arrival, Officer spoke with the complainant/ victim who advised that sometime between 2300 hours on 07/01/2018, and 0700 hours on 07/02/2018, unknown suspect(s) entered 2 of his vehicles that were parked in his driveway and 1 vehicle that was parked on the street. The complainant stated that all cars were unlocked and that the unknown suspect(s) went through each vehicle looking for items to steal. The complainant advised that when he went to get in his vehicle he noticed the center console and glove box was open. The complainant then looked at his other 2 vehicles and noticed they had also been gone through. The complainant advised that none of his property had been stolen from any of the vehicles.

On July 2nd, 2018, at approximately 1520 hours, Officer responded to 8400 Highway 64, Walmart, in regard to a vandalism complaint. Upon arrival, officers spoke with the complainant/victim who stated that at approximately 1415 hours he went outside noticed his vehicle had been vandalized. The front left tire as well as the back left tire had been stabbed several times and both doors on the driver side had deep scratches.

On 07/03/2018, at 00:20 hours, Officer responded to Blue Springs in regard to a suspicious circumstances complaint. Upon arrival, Officer spoke with the complainant who stated that at approximately 2340 hours on 7/2/2018, she heard the knob on her side door turn and observed a heavyset male suspect rush down her driveway to Kenwood and get in a dark SUV which abruptly sped off. Officer then spoke with complainant's neighbor who stated that she observed the same heavyset suspect cross through her backyard and after the incident she found that the suspect had moved some boards on her fence to enter the yard from the east and exit through a hole in the fence on the west toward complainant's yard. Both individuals stated that nothing seemed to be missing from their residences and no significant damage had been done.

On 07/03/18, at approximately 1400 hours, Officer was called to Crested Pine in regard to a fraud report. Officer spoke with the victim/complainant who advised he has been notified by the credit bureau that he has had several unauthorized credit pulls on his credit record in the last several days.

On 07/03/2018, at 21:37 hours, Officer responded to a shots fired call at 7571 Highway 70 (Taco Bell). The Officer was across the street in the Kroger parking lot at (7615 Highway 70) and heard several gun shots. Officer began to run towards Taco Bell and observed hundreds of people running and yelling that someone was shooting. Officer made scene at Taco Bell along with several other officers and observed more people running and yelling that someone had been shot. Officers cleared Taco Bell and the parking lot and did not find locate anyone actively shooting. Officers observed the victim on the ground between two vehicles. The victim appeared to have been shot several times and was heavily bleeding from his chest and groin area. A bystander at the event, who was also an EMT, began medical aid on the victim along with several officers while BFD Unit 3 attempted to make scene. Unit 3 arrived at 2140 hours and transported the Victim to Saint Francis Bartlett. The Victim was pronounced dead at 2219 hours.

On 07/03/2018, at 23:44 hours, Officer responded to a Vandalism call at 2911 Brunswick (Lakeside Hospital). Upon arrival, Officer made contact with the complainant/victim who stated she exited the hospital at approximately 23:15 hours to find the rear driver side window of her vehicle shattered. The complainant/victim stated that nothing was missing from the vehicle.

On 07/04/2018, at 02:21 hours, Officer responded to Beagle Creek Cv. in regard to a vandalism call. Upon arrival, Officer met with the complainant who stated that at approximately 0130 hours she heard a noise outside of the side carport window. She looked out of the window and observed a flashlight turn off and then a car door slam and a vehicle drive off. Complainant then went outside to check her vehicle and discovered a long, deep scratch on the driver's side front and rear door and on the rear quarter panel.

On 07/05/2018 at approximately 1043 hours, Officer responded to 8350 Highway 64 suite 103, Payless Shoes, in regard to a vandalism complaint. Officer spoke with complainant who stated that at approximately 1030 hours, his ex-girlfriend came into the shoe store and did not say anything but threw down several floor displays that had jewelry and various items on them and then exited the store.

On 07/05/2018 at approximately 1301 hours, Officer was dispatched to 3005 Brunswick Rd (Lakeside) in regard to a theft of a registration decal. Upon arrival, Officer spoke with the victim/complainant  who advised that sometime between 1400 hours on 06/26/2018, and 0700 hours on 07/05/2018, unknown suspect(s) stole her 2019 registration decal from her vehicle while it was parked in the parking lot of Lakeside.

On Wednesday, July 4, 2018, at approximately 2134 hours, Officer responded to a suspicious person in Sir Ian Cv. Upon arrival, officer observed a male sitting on a storm drain, which appeared to be intoxicated. Officers made contact with the suspect who immediately stated that his left wrist and left ankle were broken. Officers requested BFD to make scene for medical treatment. The suspect seemed confused and took several minutes to give clear answers. BFD transported the suspect to St. Francis.

On 07/05/2018, at 16:30 hours, Officer responded to a vandalism call at Del Monico Cv. The Officer spoke to the complainant/victim who stated that someone vandalized his vehicle by pulling off the manufacturer’s logo. The complainant advised he believes it happened on 07/05/2018 during the overnight hours.

On Thursday July 5th, 2018, at approximately 1707 hours, Officer responded to Planters View Rd in regard to a theft. Officer made contact with the victim who advised that a painter he hired stole several items from his home. The victim advised that he currently still lives in Texas until the renovations to his new residence are complete, and he gave the suspect a key to his home upon hiring him. He was last at his residence on July 3rd to inspect the work done and noted the items were stolen between that day and today's date.

On 07/05/2018, at approximately 2200 hours, Officer was advised of a suspicious circumstance at 8300 Hwy 64. The complainant stated to Officer that sometime between 1300 to 1430hrs, he exited the store and walked to his vehicle, that was parked near the Bank of America ATM located on the lot. Once he was seated in his vehicle, a unknown male wearing a white tank top approached his vehicle. He noticed a phone in one of the suspect's hands and a semi-automatic pistol in the other hand. The Suspect attempted to get him to roll down the window, at which time the complainant left the scene. The complainant stated that he made a loop back onto the lot but was unable to find the suspect again. He believes that the suspect came from a Silver two-door Mitsubishi.

On 07/06/2018, at approximately 0642 hours, Officer was dispatched to a possible auto burglary complaint at Sycamore Hill Dr. Upon arrival, officer made contact with the complainant/victim who stated that his work vehicle was potentially burglarized overnight on 07/06/2018. Officer observed the driver door window shattered with a large opening in the center. The complainant stated that the doors were locked overnight, the door was still locked upon finding the window shattered and nothing appeared to be out of place or missing. The complainant informed the officer that he was mowing his lawn at approximately 1800 hours on the previous day and that a rock potentially hit the window. The officer did observe a small rock on the floorboard of the vehicle that could have been projected from a lawn mower.

On 07-06-2018, at 0825 hours, Officer was dispatched to Village Lake Ln. on a fraud report. The complainant/victim reported that he received a phone call on 06-19 2018 from a person claiming to be his grandson. The person stated he had been arrested on a DUI and needed his help. The person gave a phone number told the complainant that this was the public defender and to contact him. The complainant reported that he called the number provided and he advised him that his grandson asked if he would keep their discussion secret so as not to jeopardize his military career. The complainant sent several cash payments totaling $15,800 via UPS over the next week to an address in N.J. per the request of the suspect for bail and other fines. When the complainant spoke with his actual grandson on 07/04/2018, he informed the complainant that he had not been arrested for DUI and that he was being scammed.

On 07/07/2018, at 09:06 hours, Officer responded to a Theft from Motor Vehicle at Bluesprings. Upon arrival, contact was made with the complainant/victim who advised that an unknown person entered her unlocked vehicle parked in her carport between 0000 hours and 0830 hours and stole her cell phone that was lying in her front seat. Nothing else was stolen.

On 07/07/2018, at approximately 1106 hours, Officer was dispatched to 7889 Highway 70 (Dollar General) regarding an armed robbery. On arrival, Officer spoke with the victim/complainant who stated that a male about 5'9'' with brown eyes robbed her at the front register with a sawed off style shotgun or rifle. The suspect had the victim open the register. Once she opened the register, the suspect grabbed the money out of the drawer. Once the suspect exited the store, he fired his firearm into the concrete sidewalk in front of the store.

On July 7, 2018, at approximately 1540 hours, Officer responded to Galaxie St on an auto burglary complaint. On scene, the complainant /victim stated that sometime between 2009 hours on 07/06/2018, and 1540 hours on 07/07/2018, an unknown person(s) gained entry to her vehicle through an unlocked door and took her blue backpack from the front passenger floor board. The backpack also contained several personal items.

On July 8th, 2018, at approximately 1215 hours, Officer responded to Cohay Ave in regard to an auto burglary complaint. Upon arrival, Officers spoke with complainant/victim who stated that on July 7th, 2018, at 0205 hours, his vehicle was burglarized by an unknown suspect. The victim stated that he left his truck unlocked and the suspect went in through the front right passenger side door and went through the center console and the glove box. The victim stated that nothing seemed to be missing.