Reports and Arrests

On Tuesday, 03/14/2017 at approximately 15:35 hours, Officer responded to a Fraud/False Pretenses/Swindle at 3730 Appling Road at Headquarters. Upon arrival, Officer spoke with complainant/ victim whostated that on this date at 1300 hours, she received a call at her residence from a (901)623-9020. The caller stated that his name was Shelby County Deputy James Thompson. Suspect Thompson advised that she missed her first day of Federal Jury Duty at 201 Poplar and that Judge Beasley had issued a warrant for her arrest for not showing up. The suspect advised that if she pays $1,900 using a Green Dot Moneypak card, the charges will be dropped and no further actions will occur. The victim then entered Kroger on Kirby Whitten and purchased four Green Dot Moneypak cards ($5.95 each) with $500 on the 1st card, $500 on 2nd the card, $500 on the 3rd card and $400 on the 4th card. After purchasing the cards with the total amount of $1,940, she called the suspect back at the above phone number and gave the Green Dot Moneypak card scratch numbers to the suspect. At that time, the suspect stated that all charges were dropped. The victim explained that for some reason she felt scammed after giving the numbers to the suspect. At that time she drove to 201 Poplar and was advised that there is no James Thompson that works for Shelby County Sheriff's Office.

On 03/15/2017 at 16:40 hours, Officer responded to a Theft of Bicycle at Bartlett Blvd. Complainant stated her daughter went to Freeman Park at 0800 hours this morning to ride her bicycle. Her daughter arrived home around 12:15 hours stating her bike was stolen. Her daughter left the bicycle at the gazebo located at the front of the park unlocked and went off with friends. When she went to retrieve the bike at 1200 hours it was not there. The bike is described as a Giant brand BMX style bicycle with a black frame, green writing, white seat, and a cell phone carrier on the handle bars valued at $460.

On 03/14/2017 at 19:25 hours, Officer was dispatched to Dollar General, 7889 US 70 Hwy, on suspicious circumstances. On arrival contact was made with the complainant who is a clerk for the store. She advised that a green Toyota Camry that was occupied two times came onto the lot and backed into a space. She stated that she recognized the vehicle from a theft that occurred the night before. The driver was a male black who was the same thief that came into her store on 3/13/17 and stole several pieces of merchandise. She went outside to confront the driver, but when he saw her walking toward the vehicle, he quickly drove away. A short time later, the Dollar General store at 6600 Stage Rd reported that the same male black driving the same green Camry stole merchandise from their store (see report 1703140024).

On Wednesday, 03/15/2017 at approximately 2115 hours, Officer responded to a Theft from Motor Vehicle at 8480 Stage Road at Sam's Club on the east side of the parking lot. Upon arrival, Officer met with complainant/ victim. The victim advised that on this date at 2110 hours, he noticed that his rear passenger window was broken out with glass everywhere and his gray backpack (valued $60) with his school books inside it, which was a Macro Economics textbook (valued $100) and a Philosophy textbook (valued $100) was missing from his silver Subaru Forester. Victim stated that he took a lunch break at 2000 hours and his vehicle was fine. The victim believes that his car was broken into between 2000 hours and 2109 hours on this date. A fingerprint was strongly visible on the rear passenger outside door handle, which was lifted and entered into property for testing. Officer did observe a surveillance camera facing the east side of the parking lot towards the vehicle that was broken into, but Sam's Club was closed at 2100 hours, therefore no surveillance of the theft was not obtained. Photos of the vehicle was taken and entered into digital evidence. The damaged window was approximately $200. The approximate total of the damage and theft is $460.

On 03/17/2017 at 20:00 hours, Officer responded to a Theft of Bicycle at Hulon St. On arrival contact was made with the victim who stated that the suspect stole her daughter's bicycle. Suspect asked to borrow the bike on 3-14-17 and never returned it. He promised to bring the bike back by 1700 on today's date but has still not brought it back.

On 03/18/2017 at approximately 0857 hrs. Officer was dispatched to Surrey Wood Dr. in regard to a theft from a motor vehicle. On arrival Officer made contact with the complainant/victim who is a Memphis Police Officer. He stated that during the over night hours unknown person(s) entered his 2009  truck that was parked in front of his residence and stole his work PDA, which was in a bag that was located in the back seat of his vehicle. The PDA is a Samsung Galaxy S5 valued at $200.00 dollars. The PDA was entered into NCIC#A514190024.

On Saturday March 18, 2017 at approximately 2147 hours, R/O was dispatched to 8110 Highway 64, Circle K-BP, in regard to a theft. Upon arrival R/O made contact with complainant who stated that earlier in the evening, at approximately 2050 hours, her daughter/ victim had her cell phone and $20 U.S dollars taken from her while she was attempting to pump gas. Victim stated that when she was walking inside the gas station, a male black wearing all black clothing ran up to her and snatched her cell phone, an iPhone 6 plus, and $20 in gas money from her hand and then proceed to sprint off W/B Highway 64.

On March 19, 2017 at approximately 1650 hours Officer was dispatched to 7930 US-64 (Malco Theater) on an auto burglary. On scene, I spoke with the complainant / victim who said he arrived at the theater at approximately 1430 and left around 1645. When he came back out, he noticed the passenger window to his 2008 Hyundai had been broken, glass in the passenger seat and his Pioneer stereo system (approximate value $300) taken from the dash. Video surveillance footage shows a 4 door silver sedan with tinted windows enter the east side of the lot at 1512 hours. A m/b exits the silver sedan multiple times, pulling on several door handles on the east lot. The m/b is also seen driving around the lot and parking at various locations, before parking next to the victim's vehicle. At 1519 hours, the m/b is seen breaking the window ($500 damage) and taking the car stereo before heading east on the lot. The suspect vehicle then leaves the area heading east, driving behind Hobby Lobby and possibly between the Hobby Lobby and Pizza Hut call center. CSU will be in contact with the Hobby Lobby for access to video footage. 




Lieutenant Todd Halford

Bartlett Police Department, Public Affairs and Education