Reports and Arrests

On 05/15/2017 at 08:21 hours, Officer responded to a vandalism complaint at Sugarcrest. Upon arrival, reporting officer made contact with complainant who stated that someone had broken the Solar LED outdoor light located on the west end corner of Sugarcrest / Old Brownsville owned by the Home Owners Association.

On 5/15/17 at approximately 0745 hours Officer responded to Grayce Drive regarding a robbery. Officer spoke with victim/complainant, who stated that at approximately 0730 hours this date she was robbed at gunpoint in her driveway by 2 unknown males while she was loading her vehicle. A silver Nissan approached from the west and stopped next to her vehicle. At the same time, an unknown male/suspect #1 wearing a black mask, black hoodie, black pants and gloves ran up to her from the east and entered her vehicle from the driver’s door. The driver/suspect #2 of the silver Nissan got out and pointed a black handgun at victim stating "dont move", "dont look at me". Victim advised that the driver/suspect was wearing large dark sunglasses and a ball cap with salt/pepper colored facial hair.

On 05/15/2017 at 10:06 hours, Officer responded to a Theft of Bicycle at Newstone Drive. Upon arrival, reporting officer made contact with complainant, who stated that an 18" Black Mongoose Mountain Bike was taken from her patio sometime over the weekend.

On May 16, 2017 at approximately 1320hrs, Officer responded to the Bartlett Police Department in regard to an identity theft complaint. On scene, Officer spoke with the victim / complainant, who stated that an unknown individual fraudulently used her identity to obtain government unemployment benefits from the TN Department of Labor and Workforce. She was made aware of this because she received a letter and an unemployment benefit card on 5/5/17 from the above department stating that her unemployment benefits had been granted on 4/16/17. She immediately went to the office and spoke with a representative, who canceled the unemployment benefits and took possession of the unemployment benefits card.

On 5/16/2017 at approximately 1642 hours, Officer responded to Richway Cove on an auto burglary complaint. Officer spoke with the victim/complainant, who advised that at approximately 0700 hours on 5/16/2017 he came outside to his vehicle that was parked in the driveway of his residence and noticed the driver's side door was unlocked. Victim further noticed that several items in his truck were out of place and missing. While Officer and victim were discussing the incident in victim's driveway, victim's neighbor, came over and advised that around 0545 hours on today's date, he came outside and observed a small, unknown model car sitting along with curb in front of the victim's house with two (2) occupants in the vehicle.

On 05/17/2017 at 03:55 hours, Officer responded to a vandalism complaint at Kings Forrest Drive. Upon arrival, Officer made contact with the victim, who stated she was woke up from sleep by what sounded like a window breaking. She walked outside and found a front window to her residence shattered with what appeared to be two pellets/bb’s. Officers also observed a bb on the window ledge and in a flower bed in front of the window.

On 5/17/2017 at approximately 0239 hours, officers were dispatched to the St. Elmo Rd Walgreen's on a burglary in progress. Upon arrival to the scene, officers observed a large hole in the glass window of the pharmacy, with glass all over the ground. Through video evidence, officers observed the suspects break a window and then enter through the hole created. The suspects then began to take various bottles of pills. Suspect 1 was wearing a black hoodie and blue jeans. Suspect 2 appeared to be wearing a black hoodie as well, with blue jeans.

On Wednesday 17 May 2017 at approximately 1640 hours Officers responded to the Memphis Arlington Road, Flash Market, on a theft complaint. Upon arrival, officers spoke with complainant, who advised that at approximately 1630 hours a man in a white SUV wanted the complainant to turn on the gas pumps. The complainant explained to the suspect that they cannot turn on pumps without a credit card. The suspect presented a card and proceeded to pump approximately $50.07 worth of gas into his vehicle and then drove off without rendering payment. The suspect left the card with the attendant. The card was taken and placed into evidence.

On 05/18/2017 at 12:37 hours, Officer responded to a Theft from Yard at High Plains. Upon arrival, reporting officer made contact with complainant / victim, who stated that someone had taken a Schwinn Bicycle and wheel barrel from his trailer located at the south end of his yard.

On (5/19/17) at approximately 0913 hours, Officer was dispatched to Diplomat Place regarding an auto burglary. Upon making the scene, Officer was met by the Complainant, who advised the corner of his MLG&W truck's tool box was pried up by unknown suspect(s) between the hours of 22:00 on 5/18/17 and 08:30 on 5/19/17. The complainant advised the box is always unlocked and that there was never anything of value in the box. The complainant advised that he needed the report number for the damage to the box.

On 05/19/2017 at 23:12 hours, Officer responded to a dine and dash complaint at 2931 North Germantown Rd (Waffle House). Upon arrival, Officer spoke with the complainant, who advised that on 05/19/2017 between 22:30 and 22:45 hours, an unknown M/B walked out of the business without paying his bill. The suspect was described to be approximately 5'10" in height, 160lbs, dark skinned M/B, short hair, and wearing a jean jacket and white t-shirt. The complainant stated the suspect left in a gray Pontiac Grand Am and traveled southbound on Germantown Rd towards Hwy 64.

On May 20, 2017 at approximately 1518 hours, Officer was flagged down by the complainant / victim, on Monpelier Drive. The complainant stated that on 05/18/17 between the hours of 1400-1500, a person or persons, walked into his open garage and loosened the lug nuts on all but the rear right wheel of his red Dodge pick-up truck.

On 5/20/2017 at approximately 1706 hours Reporting Officers were dispatched to 2809 Bartlett Blvd (Malco Theater) on an Auto Burglary Complaint. On arrival, Officers spoke with the complainant/victim, who advised that her vehicle was broken into through the front passenger window and door, and multiple items were missing. The complainant advised that she arrived at the parking lot at approximately 1540 hours. At approximately 1650 hours she came back out to her car to place her purse in the vehicle and went back into a local business for approximately two minutes. Upon returning to her vehicle she found the front passenger window had been shattered and multiple items were missing.

On 05/21/2017 at approximately 14:14 hours, officer responded to 6600 Stage Rd Suite 103 Cici's Pizza on a theft complaint. On arrival, officer spoke with complainant/victim, who stated that she was in the game area of of the restaurant and left her zebra print wallet on top of the coin machines. The complainant stepped away for approximately 1 minute and when she returned the wallet was gone.