Reports and Arrests

On 09-12-2016 at 1200 hours R/O was dispatched to Barrycrest Drive on a theft from a motor vehicle. The complainant/victim stated that he left to go out of town on 09-08-2016 at 2030 hours and returned today at 1200 hours and discovered that unknown person(s) had stolen his Callaway Golf club set ($1200) and his Springfield XDM 9 mm ($800) from his unlocked GMC pickup that was parked in the driveway.

On 09/12/2016 at 18:15 hours, Officer responded to Montpelier in regard to a Theft complaint. Upon arrival Officer spoke with Victim/Complainant who advised an Unknown Suspect stole his wallet from the Bartlett Rec Center on 09/11/16. Victim advised he left his wallet on the bench in the locker room and when he returned it was no longer there. Victim stated it wasn't until later that night that he realized he had left his wallet. Victim believes the theft occurred around 17:00hours. Inside the Victim's Black leather wallet was $10 cash, an American Express card, a USAA Visa Card, Suntrust Debit Card, and his Tn DL. The Victim has canceled the cards and advised there were no fraudulent charges attempted to the cards.

On 09/12/2016 at 1957 hours, Officer was dispatched to an armed Robbery at 2840 Bartlett Blvd (Payless Shoes). On arrival, officer spoke to complainant/victim/store clerk who stated a skinnier female black wearing a black wig, green shirt with "Levi" on it, green tights, in her late 20's, and a male black in his late 20's wearing a dark blue "trucker" hat with mesh, a white bandanna under the hat, brown khaki's and a dark blue shirt, came into the store and asked him where they could buy socks. Complainant stated male black went to the back right of the store, while the female stood at the front counter. Victim then stated the female pulled out $10.96 cash to purchase socks, when male suspect approached the counter. Victim stated he took the cash from the female suspect, opened the register and gave her a receipt, when the male suspect pulled out a pistol and pointed it toward the victim. Victim stated the male told him to "stay back" while the female suspect reached into the register and began taking the cash out of the drawer. Suspects ran out of the store northbound on Bartlett Blvd toward Kroger at 5995 Stage.

On Wednesday, September 14, 2016 at approximately 1313 hours officer responded to Bartlett Elementary School in regard to a vandalism. Upon arrival officer spoke with complainant who stated that seven (7) of the outside lights(valued at $190.00 each) on the northeast side of the building had been broken between 9/9/2016 at 0600 hours and 9/14/2016 at 0600 hours. Officer observed the lights to be damaged but he could not determine what may have damaged them due to the accessibility of the lights.

On Wednesday September 14, 2016 at approximately 1546 hours the R/O was dispatched to Bristol Park Cir. in regard to a burglary complaint call. Upon arrival the R/O made contact with the complainant. The complainant stated a member of her maintenance staff notified her of a suspicious circumstance at the above address after he arrived to replace the unit’s carbon monoxide detector. The employee told the complainant that he observed the victim’s garage door open and the entry door from the garage into the residence slightly open. The complainant stated she then made scene and entered the victims residence to see it "ransacked" and immediately contacted the police. It should be noted the service employees do not have access to the tenant’s garage door openers and only utilize the unit’s front doors to make entry for repairs. Upon entering the residence the R/O observed the no apparent forced entry but did notice tool marks on the garage side of the entry door leading into the residence. These tool marks around the strike of the door were the only visible signs of a possible forced entry. The R/O observed multiple items in the home to be rifled through and disturbed. The rooms most impacted from the suspects searches were the victim’s room and bathroom. The victim was able to identify multiple items that were stolen from her residence and are as follows: approximately 250 Blue Ray DVD's, a black and silver HP laptop and an unopened 50" Samsung TV from the living room, a Blue Ray player and 2 Wii remotes from the spare bedroom, multiple jewelry items and an iPod from the victims bedroom and cash.

On Friday, September 16, 2016 at approximately 0702 hours officer responded to Thistle Cove in regard to an auto burglary. Upon arrival officer spoke with complainant / victim who stated that between 0000 hours and 0700 hours on this date an unknown suspect(s) stole numerous power and hand tools from the unlocked tool boxes in his truck bed. A blow torch and gas tank(valued at $400), a vacuum pump(valued at $300), a drum of freon(valued at $600), a Milwaukee drill driver and drill set(valued at $200), a Skil reciprocating saw(valued at $60), and a tool bag containing various hand tools(valued at $400) were stolen from the tool boxes. The total value of items stolen was $1,960.00 




Lieutenant Todd Halford

Bartlett Police Department, Public Affairs and Education