Membership Info & Fees

Annual membership is $15 per person, and is due each year on the membership anniversary date.  Membership fees may be paid by cash, check or credit/debit card at the Bartlett Senior Center, or a check made payable to "Bartlett Senior Center" may be mailed to the center.

Class Fees

Class Participation Fee
AM Stretch Exercise Class $3 Per Class
Ballroom Dance Lessons $3 Per Class
Beginning Oil Painting $10 Per Month
Ceramics $10 Per Month
Line Dance Lessons $3 Per Class
Senior Circuit Exercise Class $3 Per Class
Sewing Class $10 Per Month
Strength Training $3 Per Class
Tai Chi $3 Per Class
Yoga $3 Per Class
Zumba $3 Per Class
Zumba Gold $3 Per Class