Lost & Found Pets

Animals With Identification Tags
Animals wearing identification tags picked up by Bartlett Animal Control are generally reunited with their owners within the day. Knowing this, we cannot overemphasize the importance of collars with identification tags and micro-chipping.

Animals Without Identification Tags
Pets without identification are usually taken to the Bartlett Animal Shelter where they stay for three business days for an owner to claim. After that point, and deemed adoptable they will be put up for adoption.

Other Participating Clinics
These clinics assist Bartlett Animal Control in its efforts to return lost animals. If you have lost or found an animal, please contact one of following:
  • Community Pet Hospital: 901-377-2330
  • Gentle Care Animal Hospital: 901-273-2273
  • Hillcrest Animal Hospital: 901-377-2244
  • Shelby Center Hospital for Animals: 901-372-2215
  • Wolfchase Animal Hospital: 901-371-9653
Please make an effort to contact other animal clinics or related agencies if your search is not successful.

Animals picked up by Bartlett Animal Control are subject to pick up and boarding fees payable to the Bartlett Animal Shelter.