Recycling Centers

Bartlett recycles roughly 40% of the solid waste generated by its residents! This accomplishment is made possible by community participation in our recycling centers and our yard waste recycling program.

Recycling Center Locations (learn more)

Dual Stream Recycling
In an effort to make recycling easier for our residents, our Recycling Centers now offer "Dual Stream" recycling. That means that all accepted items are placed in either of two different recycling bins.

Materials Accepted at the Recycling Centers
The following three items may be mixed together:
  1. Corrugated cardboard
    • Include brown & white paper bags and mover's packing paper
    • Please remove plastic, styrofoam, food, packing peanuts, etc.
    • We now accept slick cardboard such as drink cartons and pizza boxes
  2. Newspapers
    • Please remove protective plastic
    • You may leave "slick" paper (ads, coupons) that comes in newspapers.
  3. "Office" paper
    • This includes paper not otherwise listed, such as magazines, catalogues, and "junk" mail (but NOT paper contaminated with food, liquids, or other garbage, which should be placed in regular garbage)
    • Remove the plastic from "window" envelopes and dispose of it in regular garbage.
The following four items may be mixed together - Please rinse and crush
  1. Plastic #1 PET & #2 HDPE -check number and recycling triangle on the bottom of the container
  2. Aluminum & steel/tin cans
  3. Glass - clear, green, and brown food and beverage containers