Yard Waste

Material for Mulching
Mulchable materials such as brush, limbs, wood, lumber, etc. should be placed at the curb before 7 a.m. to be picked up on your regular garbage day. 90-gallon yard waste carts are now offered for purchase to residents for $50. Use of these carts is restricted to mulchable materials. This cost can be added to your water bill with up to two $25 payments.

Material NOT for Mulching
Non-mulchable material such as paper, plastic, metal, etc. shall be placed in a separate pile and not mixed with the mulchable materials. Maximum size of tree limbs and trunks is 8 feet long and 2 feet in diameter. Yard waste pickup typically runs behind during the peak seasons and after storms, so please be patient.

Tires should be kept separate from all other waste for shredding.

Items NOT Collected
The City will not collect dirt, shingles, large amounts of concrete or brick (in excess of one wheelbarrow load) or hazardous waste such as chlorine, paint, pesticides, motor oil, and gasoline.

Helpful Hints
  • Please do not block access to garbage carts or yard trash with parked vehicles on pick-up days.
  • Do not place any debris on the paved surface of the street, over any storm drainage structures, near mailboxes, utility poles, fire hydrants or other such structures. This is a violation of city ordinances 82-13 and 89-16.