Grass Clippings

What to do with your grass clippings?


At this time the City does not have a mulching contractor who will take grass clippings. So to help make our recycling efforts more effective we ask that you consider mulching your grass. If you do not want to mulch your grass you can bag it or place it in your regular trash (green) cart for collection on your regular trash collection day.

For those residents who have purchased the brown yard waste carts, you can still use them for loose grass and other mulchable items as always. Unfortunately, the waste placed in these carts during grass cutting season will be taken to the landfill. During loose leaf season (November 1st thru March 31st, since grass won’t be a factor) the contents of the brown carts will be taken to our mulching contractor.

Please keep in mind that year round, mulchable items (ex. limbs, bushes, leaves, and other wood products) may be placed in a pile next to your carts to be collected and taken to the contracted mulch site.

Thank you for your help in our efforts to cut down the cost of solid waste services.

No Loose Clippings
Loose grass clippings are not collected. The following options are available.

The City urges you to mulch your grass clippings. If you cut your grass often enough (typically every 5-7 days), there won't be a significant difference in the lawn's appearance whether it is bagged or not.

Yard Waste Containers
We offer a special yard waste container for purchase.  Use of these 90-gallon multi-colored carts is restricted to loose grass, leaves and other organic yard waste. We hope these carts will take the place of plastic bags. Doing so will enable the city to increase its recycling efforts.

Bagged Clippings
If you choose to bag your grass clippings and other loose yard waste, it must be placed at the curb or in your garbage cart for pickup on your regular garbage collection day. Thirty gallon bags are the maximum size allowed for debris (leaf and grass) collection.