Leaf Collection Options

Please consider mulching your leaves to return nutrients to your lawn.

Yard Waste Containers
We offer a special yard waste container for $50. Use of these 90-gallon multi-colored carts is restricted to loose grass, leaves and other organic yard waste. We hope these carts will take the place of plastic bags. Doing so will enable the City to increase its recycling efforts.

Loose Leaf Collection Season
  • During loose leaf season (Nov. 1 thru March 31), leaves may be placed unbagged on the neutral strip (between the curb and sidewalk) or on the road shoulder in a dome-shaped pile.
  • Do not place leaves in drainage ditches, gutter, or on the street pavement. Loose-leaf crews make one full collection of the City before beginning another.
  • The time between collections varies (sometimes 3-4 weeks) depending upon the volume for collection citywide. Leaves must be placed no more than 10 feet from the pavement edge.
Bagged Leaves
At any time of the year, leaves may be bagged or put in yard waste carts and placed at the curb for collection on your regular garbage collection day.