Yard Waste Limits

Weekly Limits
In order to provide timely collections for the entire community, the city will pickup up the equivalent of 1 heaping pickup truck load of debris per week (approx. 6 cubic yards) at each household.  If a residence generates more than that amount (up to 3 pickup loads), a second load will be collected from that pile the next week, and the remainder the third week.

Large amounts of debris (a large tree, debris from a fire, etc.) in excess of 3 heaping pickup loads are not considered to be within the scope of the household service that we provide.  In such cases, the resident has 3 options:
  1. Homeowner may hire a contractor to remove the debris
  2. The homeowner (not contractor) is allowed to haul debris to the solid waste complex (call S/W office at 385-6486 beforehand).
  3. Call 385-6486 for cost estimate for City to make special collection.   
Homeowners who handle their own cleanup or yard work are encouraged to bring this material to our Solid Waste Complex at 5250 Shelter Run Lane.  Homeowner must bring proof of residence and call 385-6486 to schedule an appointment.