Cross Connection (Backflow)

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Introduction and Purpose

Pursuant to the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) Division of Water Supply:

Each public water supply shall develop a comprehensive, ongoing program for the detection, elimination, and prevention of cross connections. A policy or ordinance and a plan for the program shall be submitted to the Director of the Division of Water Supply, Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, for review and approval.  Upon approval of the plan, the water purveyor shall implement the program.

Pursuant to Sections 68-221-701 through 68-221-720 of the Tennessee Code Annotated:

The water purveyor has primary responsibility to prevent water from unapproved sources, or any other foreign substance from entering the public water system. The water purveyor is prohibited by this law and the regulations authorized herein for installing or maintaining a water service connection to a customer's private water system where cross connection or backflow hazard exists or will probably exist, unless the public water supply system is properly protected against backflow.

The goal of the Bartlett, TN Cross Connection Control Program is to supply safe drinking water to each and every customer under all foreseeable circumstances. Each instance where water is used improperly so as to create the possibility of backflow due to cross connections threatens the health and safety of customers and increases the chances of not realizing this goal. The possibility of backflow due to improper use of water within the customer's premises is especially significant because such cross connections may easily result in the contamination of our water supply mains. Such situations may result in the public water system becoming a transmitter of disease causing organisms, toxic materials, or other hazardous substances that may adversely affect large numbers of people. The only protection against such occurrences is the elimination of such cross connections or the isolation of such hazards from the water supply lines by properly installed approved backflow prevention assemblies. The City of Bartlett must maintain a program of cross connection control to systematically and effectively prevent the contamination or pollution of the potable water system.