Urban Forestry Division

Division ObjectiveThe Great Seal of Bartlett Tennessee 1866

The objective of the City of Bartlett's Urban Forestry Program is to utilize the avenues of education, public land and regulation to create and maintain community awareness for the Urban Forest in terms of economic, ecological, social and aesthetic benefits.

Our Vision

Our vision is to maintain or increase the City of Bartlett's Year 2004 canopy coverage by 10%.

Tree City USA

The City of Bartlett has been recognized by The Arbor Day Society as a Tree City USA® since 2007.


Tree and Landscaping Ordinance (PDF)

  • Outlines the regulations and controls planting of trees and woody vegetation in the City of Bartlett
  • Encourages the protection of existing trees and root systems
  • Regulates the preservation and replacement and indiscriminate removal of trees
  • Establishes procedures and practices and minimum design standards for fulfilling these purposes

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