Area Animal Hospitals

Participating Clinics

These clinics assist Bartlett Animal Control in its efforts to return lost animals. If you have lost or found an animal, please contact one of the following:

  • Community Pet Hospital: 901-377-2330
  • Gentle Care Animal Hospital: 901-273-2273
  • Hillcrest Animal Hospital: 901-377-2244
  • Shelby Center Hospital for Animals: 901-372-2215
  • Wolfchase Animal Hospital: 901-371-9653
  • Family Veterinary Practice: 385-8387
  • PetVax: 901-373-9496
  • Stage Road Animal Hospital: 901-382-1950
  • Yale Road Animal Hospital: 901-372-2414
  • Arlington Pet Hospital: 901-317-5512
  • Raleigh-Bartlett Animal Hospital: 901-388-9550

Bartlett Animal Shelter should also be contacted in regards to a lost or found pet. We hold animals for three business days before making them available for adoption.