Bartlett Vision 2020

Vision Statement

Our vision of Bartlett is for a progressive, well-planned and growing community with a strong diversified economy and a high quality of life from childhood through retirement.

Quality of Life


  • To provide a good place to live, work, play, raise a family and retire
  • To continue to maintain a clean, attractive, well-kept community
  • To provide a wide selection of high quality housing within the community
  • To encourage the conservation of structures, sites and districts of archeological, historical and architectural significance
  • To encourage all citizens and businesses in the City to keep their properties clean, neat and maintained
  • To encourage the development of private recreational facilities and services to meet special needs and compliment public recreational facilities and services
  • To continue to encourage citizens to be pro-active and involved in community affairs
  • To groom future community leaders by promoting Leadership Bartlett and Youth Leadership Bartlett
  • To stand for excellence and quality in all we do



  • To foster continuous improvement, community and parental involvement in all public and private schools that serve the city of Bartlett
  • To promote Shelby County Schools as a valuable asset and a critical building block of the community
  • To reward excellence in teaching
  • To broaden the scope of business/school partnerships through mentoring and career programs
  • To prepare our youth for life's challenges and for life-long learning
  • To motivate our youth to become informed, responsible citizens who contribute to the Bartlett community
  • To foster environments that facilitate the development of the whole person, both morally and ethically
  • To encourage superior motivation, learning results and educational services for both college-bound and technology students
  • To encourage attendance at school and graduation of all students
  • To promote and support the Bartlett Education Foundation, which encourages academic excellence

Economic Development


  • To identify and encourage effective public and private partnerships for economic development with an emphasis on creating high-paying career opportunities for Bartlett citizens
  • To have a fertile economic climate for making Bartlett a strong partner in the regional economy
  • To implement strategies that will position and market Bartlett as a business-friendly environment for corporate and regional offices for health care, technology and research and development
  • To aggressively recruit businesses that enhance Bartlett's economic vitality
  • To plan for future employment centers in the annexation reserve
  • To develop innovative strategic partnerships and alliances between government and business to enhance economic growth through new business identification, planning and economic growth
  • To recruit institutions of higher education
  • To promote the creation of walkable streetscapes and commercial cores

General Government


  • To protect the health, safety and general welfare of the citizens of Bartlett by providing adequately staffed and funded police, fire, ambulance, public works, utilities, code enforcement, and parks and recreation departments
  • To maintain excellence in financial reporting and bond rating
  • To keep Bartlett's property taxes low
  • To establish operating policies and procedures which support excellence in the services provided and sound management of financial resources
  • To establish fiscal policy that balances the needs and capabilities of the community
  • To plan, coordinate and develop the basic infrastructure necessary for the future growth of the city
  • To establish plans for new capital improvement projects that balance the needs with the financial capabilities of the community
  • To encourage city employees, while respecting the rules of government, to continue to be proactive, cordial and helpful when working with citizens, developers and businesses that have proposals, problems, or complaints to discuss