Dr. Candace Jones is available to provide all of your educational needs! For more information on her services you may contact her at (901) 265-3344 or visit the Expanded Educational Services website.


  1. Home School Courses–  August – May 
    1. Our home school courses are offered at various times during the day.  The classes consist of a maximum of eight students. Students receives twenty hours of intensive instruction and assessments each week.  All curricula and materials are provided by EES and are consistent with Tennessee State Department of Education's standards and requirements. 
    2. All EES faculty are licensed experts in the field of Education.   Each of our faculty members have a doctorate degree and work with local Universities to train teachers and principals how to properly educate children. 
    3. Additionally, EES faculty are not advocates of virtual learning. We feel the teaching and learning process is best facilitated in person where relationships can be established and students are less distracted and more attentive.
  2. Tutoring & Skills Enrichment–Year Round   
    1. Tutoring - $85 per class
      1. 4 sessions available.  The sessions are aligned with the school’s four report card periods.   Individualized tutoring available for every grade and subject area.  
    2. Summer Skills Enrichment – June 21 – July 16 - $250
      1. We create a four week personalized tutoring program just for your child in the subject area of your choosing - Reading, Math, Writing or ACT.  We will introduce new skills while reinforcing old ones to ensure that your child does not fall behind during the summer months. 
  3. Personal Growth Courses– Year Round 
    1. Take advantage of our personal growth and wellness courses for self enhancement or by court order.  Available courses:  Co-Parenting after Divorce, Parenting, Anger Management, Relationships, Eradicating Insecurities for a Healthy Self-Image and more.
  4. Algebra Camp, Math Camp, Reading Camp– June 12-23 - $350
    1. This two-week program is designed to develop comprehension and appreciation of related concepts and skills.  We promote a simple hands-on approach to mastering arithmetic.  We utilize the Project-Based Learning approach, STEM projects and Evidenced Based Practices for both Reading and Math.   Select one camp for your student or all three.

Updated 11/25/2020