Design Review Commission


The Commission consists of 9 members appointed by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen for terms of two years.

Members shall be recognized in any of the following fields: Architecture, engineering, landscape architecture, urban planning, art, building, or other profession involved in implementing aesthetic design principles, except that there shall be at least one architect on the Commission at all times. The membership of this Commission shall include 2 members who are citizens of the City of Bartlett but shall not be required to meet the above qualifications.

Meeting Agenda

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Development Review

The Design Review Commission reviews appearance criteria for development — specifically for buildings, landscaping, and signs.

The Commission, in accordance with the ordinance that established it (Codified Ordinances Section 02-1001 (PDF) and following), formally addresses the following issues:

  • Inadequate planning, neglect of proper maintenance, and the erection of buildings and structures unsuitable to and incompatible with the character of the neighborhoods in which they are located.
  • The appearance and character of open spaces, buildings, and structures visible from public streets and ways.
  • A comprehensive and continuous program of community beautification and improvement.
  • Whether proposed structures will conform to proper urban design standards and be conducive to the proper architectural development of the City.
  • Whether proposed development will be unsightly or unsuitable in appearance or detrimental to the environment of the community.

The Commission is assigned further, specific responsibilities in: The Zoning Ordinance (PDF) (site plans; landscaping, especially trees; screening and buffers; commercial satellite dishes; wireless transmission facilities) The Sign Ordinance (PDF) (approval of most signs).

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