Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping


The City of Bartlett can't expect its citizens to practice pollution prevention and good house keeping if it doesn't. Pollution control and good housekeeping for municipal operations involves the training of all City of Bartlett employees in pollution prevention practices on a general basis as well as targeting those operations that are must susceptible to discharging pollutants with training specific to their operations. Additionally, each city owned facility is identified, mapped and analyzed to determine what pollutants can be expected to be generated from it and then identify the appropriate best management practice (BMP) to reduce or eliminate the pollutant in storm water runoff.


Each City of Bartlett employee is given training on storm water pollution prevention. If their duty with the city doesn't produce a storm water runoff pollutant, then the training is useful in their home lives. Those activities that tend to generate pollution are given training specific to their operations. Some areas requiring specific training include sanitation, grounds maintenance, animal control and fleet maintenance. 

Facility Identification

All City of Bartlett owned facilities are mapped to show the general drainage around the facility. This mapping shows where storm water runoff will occur and areas impacted by an illicit discharge in the storm water.


Every facility will have some type of pollutant. It may be as innocuous as fertilizer or as destructive as fuel spills. The possible pollutants from each site are determined and then the BMP appropriate to eliminate or reduce the impact of that pollutant is determined.

The City of Bartlett, in cooperation with its citizens, is dedicated to the continued reduction and elimination of storm water pollution runoff from our watershed.