If I win, what awards do I receive?
(This applies to residential and commercial properties.)

A handsome ‘Bartlett City Beautiful Yard of the Month’ sign.

An attractive certificate hand signed by Mayor A. Keith McDonald.

The winner’s address will be published on the City of Bartlett’s website.

An invitation to a fall reception to recognize all Yard of the Month winners for the year.

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1. Do I have to be a Bartlett Resident?
2. When is the judging?
3. Do I need to be home to receive the award?
4. How are the yard winners selected?
5. How is the civic property winners selected?
6. If I win, what awards do I receive?
7. When and how long do I keep the yard sign?
8. What should I do if the yard sign is stolen or damaged?
9. Can I nominate a yard or my yard for Yard of the Month?