Are BPACC facilities available for rental?

BPACC is a great choice for your next meeting or event! Call the center at 901-385-6440 and ask to speak to the Operation’s Manager for more details.

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1. Where is BPACC located?
2. What type of performances does BPACC offer?
3. What is the best way to find out about BPACC performances?
4. What is the box office number?
5. What are the box office hours?
6. Can I order tickets on the telephone?
7. Can tickets be purchased online?
8. How large is the BPACC auditorium?
9. Are BPACC facilities available for rental?
10. Does BPACC offer Group Ticket Sales for performances?
11. Does BPACC offer programs for children?
12. Does BPACC ever hold theatrical auditions?