Bartlett Pickleball Courts

Shadowlawn Park


Bartlett Pickleball Courts are the City of Bartlett's first dedicated outdoor pickleball facility and have been designed by DALHOFF THOMAS design studio. This new complex is currently under construction at Shadowlawn Park, which is located next to the Bartlett Ninth Grade Academy on Shadowlawn Road (click here for directions on Google Maps). Once completed, this facility will provide six lighted courts for public use. Due to weather delays this project's estimated completion date is in the 2nd quarter of 2021.


This facility will be recognized as one of the premier outdoor pickleball facilities in the Greater-Memphis area. Use of the courts will be managed by the Athletics Division of the Parks & Recreation Department in order to best serve the growing demand for access to pickleball facilities by Bartlett citizens. Court usage will be scheduled to include a balance of open play opportunities, clinics, special events, professional lessons**, and tournaments.

**Professional lessons will only be permitted by accredited teaching professionals who have been approved and authorized by the City of Bartlett as contracted instructors. Anyone who desires to become a contract instructor for the City of Bartlett may contact Parks Administration at (901) 385-5590.


Just like any sport or athletic endeavor, care must be taken to avoid overexertion or injury when participating in pickleball. A few key components include: choosing and wearing proper footwear and attire, adequate warm-up prior to play, knowing your limits, and cooling down after your done for the day. Click the following link for a full list USAPA's Pickleball Health & Safety tips.


If you're new to the sport you can learn more about pickleball as well as download the official rules by visiting the USA Pickleball website. Etiquette "rules", on the other hand, are generally unwritten yet equally as important.

  • Court time should be shared equally. During peak play times make use of the "paddle saddle" to rotate players on and off the courts.
  • Keep courts and seating area neat and clean - place all trash and waste in appropriate receptacles.
  • When it's your turn to play, wait until players have exited the court alley prior to entering the courts.
  • Make sure that you don't cross the court behind a match-in-progress until play has stopped. It's for your safety as well as courteous to your fellow players.
  • No bags should be inside the court fence unless placed on or under the players' bench.
  • If your ball is hit out of play toward another court yell "Ball on court!" loudly to alert the players for their safety.
  • If a ball from another court comes through yours, stop play immediately for your safety. Retrieve it and, after making eye contact with someone from that court, toss it back to them. Resume play by replaying the point that was interrupted.
  • If you and your partner cannot determine if the ball was in or out - or if you disagree with your partner on a line call - the benefit of the doubt goes to your opponent.
  • Be fair, have fun, enjoy the fellowship, and be a good sport!