Bartlett Pickleball Courts


The Bartlett Pickleball Courts officially opened for use on Thursday, June 24th. During the initial couple of months the facility will be utilized almost exclusively for open play on a first-come, first-serve basis. We do have a player rotation system in place that is the be followed anytime there are players waiting for court time to ensure that there is equitable access for everyone. 

**From December 1 - February 28, please call the Athletics Office at (901) 385-5599 between 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday to schedule lights (weekend lights need to be scheduled on Fridays). From March 1 - November 30, the lights are automatically scheduled to turn on from sunset until 10:00pm.

Updated 3-2-2022

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Bartlett Pickleball Courts represent the City of Bartlett's first dedicated outdoor pickleball facility. This beautiful new facility has been designed by DALHOFF THOMAS design studio and built by ViktorHall Construction. The complex includes six lighted courts and is located at Shadowlawn Park, which is adjacent to the Bartlett Ninth Grade Academy on Shadowlawn Road (click here for directions on Google Maps). 


This facility will be recognized as one of the premier outdoor pickleball facilities in the Greater-Memphis area. Use of the courts will be managed by the Athletics Division of the Parks & Recreation Department in order to best serve the growing demand for access to pickleball facilities by Bartlett citizens. Court usage will be scheduled to include a balance of open play opportunities, clinics, special events, professional lessons**, and tournaments.

**Professional lessons will only be permitted by accredited teaching professionals who have been approved and authorized by the City of Bartlett as contracted instructors. Anyone who desires to become a contract instructor for the City of Bartlett may contact Parks Administration at (901) 385-5590.


Just like any sport or athletic endeavor, care must be taken to avoid overexertion or injury when participating in pickleball. 

A few key components include: choosing and wearing proper footwear and attire, adequate warm-up prior to play, knowing your limits, don't play on rain-soaked courts, and cooling down after your done for the day. 

Click the following link for a full list USAPA's Pickleball Health & Safety tips.


If you're new to the sport you can learn more about pickleball as well as download the official rules by visiting the USA Pickleball website. Etiquette "rules", on the other hand, are generally unwritten yet equally as important. To promote fair and equitable play please follow these guidelines:

  • When somebody inadvertently hits a ball onto your court from an adjacent court, retrieve it and toss them that same ball that they hit onto your court. (Don't switch balls. I repeat. Don't. Switch. Balls.)
  • When retrieving a ball from an adjacent court, make eye contact with someone from that court and then directly toss or hit them the ball. Don't just hit the ball back onto their court without looking. (That's very annoying!)
  • Don't play "keep away" from the best player on the other team during rec play just so you can win - they want to play, too!
  • Don't cross the court behind a match until play has stopped. It's not only rude but it can be very dangerous as well.
  • If you are obviously the weakest player on the court, thank the other players for playing with you after the game. However, don't take advantage of their graciousness by staying on the court for an indefinite period of time. (More than a game or two will undoubtedly wear out your welcome.)
  • If you are asked to play with a group that is obviously of a lower skill level than you, graciously accept and play a game or two with them. They will likely appreciate your graciousness and understand that you want to get back to similarly-skilled players after the game.
  • If you are obviously the strongest person in your foursome, tone down the competitiveness and hit your opponent's balls that they can return. Work on a new skill - perhaps it's a great time for work on that third shot drop shot!
  • If you and your partner can't determine if the ball was in or out - or if you disagree with your partner on a line call - the benefit of the doubt goes to your opponent. (Wait! That's actually an official rule!)
  • In rec play, don't exploit someone's physical limitations just so you can "win".
  • Remember: Be fair, have fun, enjoy the fellowship, and be a good sport!