Yard Waste

Yard Waste & Mulchable Material Collection:  

  • Yard waste and mulchable materials are defined as trimmings from bushes, shrubbery, trees, wooden fencing, boards etc., that are generated during the routine maintenance of a residence. This material is taken to an area mulch contractor to be recycled into useable mulch.
  • In order to provide timely collections for the entire community, the City will pick-up twelve (12) cubic yards of debris per week from each residence. That is a pile that is approximately thirteen (13) feet long by five (5) feet wide by five feet (5) high.
  • Yard waste and mulchable materials should be neatly piled behind the curb by 7:00 am on the day of your scheduled collection. All mulchable materials are to be piled separate from other debris and no more than ten (10) feet from the pavement.
  • Any yard waste or mulchable materials placed out for pick up can be no longer than eight (8) feet or larger than two (2) feet in diameter.
  • At no time are yard waste and mulchable materials to be placed in the roadway. Items should not be placed under low hanging power, cable or phone lines, in drainage ditches, around fire hydrants, next to utility poles or their support cables, cable or phone boxes, power transformers or mailboxes.
  • Please do not block access to your yard waste and mulchable piles with parked vehicles on collection day or place debris in such a location that it would block a motorist view.
  • Larger amounts of debris generated by a resident, more than the twelve (12) cubic yards allowed, are not considered to be within the scope of the household services that the City provide. In such cases the resident has three (3) options:
    • The resident may hire a contractor to remove the debris.
    • The resident, not a contractor, is allowed to bring the debris to the Solid Waste
      Complex at 5250 Shelter Run Lane. Residents must show proof of residence and should call the Solid Waste office before bringing the debris.
    • Call the Solid Waste office at 385-6486 for a cost estimate for the City to make a special collection. Our current price is $400.00 per truck load plus fees.
  • Please Note: If you hire a company or individuals to trim your bushes, shrubbery, or trees resulting in more than the twelve (12) cubic yards allowed the company or individuals who were hired to do the work are responsible for the removal and disposal of the debris not the City. Be sure the removal and disposal cost of the debris is included in your contractor's price.
  • The City offers a 95 gallon yard waste cart for purchase to its residents for $75.00. This cart is used for mulchable materials only such as leaves, sticks, and small trimmings and other organic yard waste. Unfortunately these carts cannot be used for grass clippings because there are no mulch contractors that will accept grass clippings. Once purchased the cart is the property of the resident. A maximum of three (3) yard waste carts per residents is allowed.