Grass Clippings

What to do with your grass clippings? 

There are three (3) ways you can handle the grass clippings from your yard.

  • Grasscycling: This is a simple natural way of recycling grass clippings by leaving them on your lawn when mowing. Not only does this allow the natural nutrients to return to the soil you are also helping to reduce the City's landfill cost which helps keep your Solid Waste fees down. You can visit Recycle Works for more information on Grasscycling.
  • Bagging: You can bag your grass and place it at the curb and it will be collected on your scheduled pickup day. Thirty (30) gallon bags are the maximum size bags allowed for clippings. At no time are grass bags to be placed in the roadway. Grass bags should not be placed under low hanging power, cable or phone lines, in drainage ditches, around fire hydrants, next to utility poles or their support cables, cable or phone boxes, power transformers or mailboxes.
  • Household Garbage Cart: You can place your loose or bagged grass clippings in your regular household garbage cart to be collected on your scheduled pickup day. Unfortunately yard waste carts cannot be used for grass clippings because there are no mulch contractors that will accept grass clippings.
  • The City will not pick up loose grass.